Autumn is made for Hoodies

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Autumn is made for hoodies. Not as warm as a coat, yet not colder than a t-shit, hoodies are the perfect layer for spring. Versatile enough to throw over almost anything and can be combined with an array of clothes for every culture, resulting in a staple in men’s fashion.

Originally created by Champion in 1934, providing an alternative piece of clothing for athletes fighting against the elements, they were an instant success. Their free range of motion combined with ability to keep you warm meant that anyone working outside jobs during Autumn and Spring, was soon asking employers for the garment to stay warm during the transition of the seasons. As the decades went on, sportswear became popular. And so, with it, the hoodie. Soon the hoodie was adopted by streetwear culture through the influence of hip hop and dance as a statement piece developed by new printing techniques and as a symbol of those who seek anonymity. Now hoodies are a must have item for every walk of life. Pull over, zip up or a mix of the 2, there are thousands of designs out there which enable the hoodie to be worn dressed up or dressed down depending on the desired style.



When worn on their own, hoodies are the essential top layer. You can go as bold or as blunt as you like with colours as long as it’s in moderation with your outfit (Essential colouring guide here) however aim for a more monochrome colour that will help distribute boldness for a minimalist, faultless look. Hoodies are great for simple graphic prints, these add extra volume and colour, contrasting to the original base layer. Originating from skate culture, graphic prints are synonymous with youth and rebellion with a distaste for authority.

Hoodies are textbook for layering. Pair them up with denim, leather or bomber jackets and they result in an effortlessly stylish look. For denim, hoodies help relax the look in order to keep the main focal point on the jacket. Leather adds a slice of edginess to a typical outfit with the masculinity, durability and attitude it brings to the table. Due to the colours, most leather jackets come in, they can easily be mixed up with a variety of pants and footwear for a different look every time. As for bombers, it can be hard to slide another layer underneath as most are padded, so a thin hoodie is always recommended in order to keep the jackets breath-ability and slim fit.  For leather and bomber jackets, we recommend zip up hoodies, as they are best worn open and maintain the slim fitting look of over jacket. As for denim, a pullover works best. Due to denim jackets being generally thin layers, a pullover hoodie offers a layer of warmth without the constricted feeling, making it a great combination for a spring day.



When worn correctly, hoodies can be dressed up rather well. The only way this can be achieved is with a plain, slim fitting sweater. Brighter colours and patterns are not welcome with the casualness associated with the hoodie as it is, stick to monochrome colours or darker shades of red green and brown, as these colours go best with darker pants and clean sneakers for shrewder attire. Slim fitting hoodies create the illusion of a tailored look without compromising on the comfort a hoodie naturally brings. A quality fabric hoodie gives offers the option to introduce a variation of textiles to your outfit. Its surprisingly easy to spot the difference between high and low-quality fabrics when put side by side. So, when dressing up a quality fabric can make a world of difference. Not only are desert boots ideal for spring, but they work really well with hoodies. Semi-casual in appearance, super comfy, a utilitarian item and suede in texture, desert boots do just about everything for your feet as hoodies do for your torso.


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