Winter essentials for the stylish man

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Winter coat

This one seems pretty obvious but it’s here for a reason. Be it a woollen overcoat or a thick waterproof parka, it’s necessary to have one or the other at your disposal. Usually, you’re going to find yourself spending a bit more than you would like to investing in a winter coat as it has a few points to meet.

1- Is it made of a durable material?

2- Is it going to protect you from the elements?

3- Is it versatile enough to compliment a range of outfits?

The right coat will be able to easily transition through the seasons, serving you well in late Autumn, bitter Winters and early Spring. Furthermore, coats tend to come in a range of different styles and fits to meet the demands of all body types and dress attires. Subdued colours allow them to blend easily with most outfits whilst maintaining the ability to keep you warm.  A perfect balance between form and function.




Ideal for layering, whilst controlling the ability keep you warm. Jackets are multifunctional monsters, meanwhile never going out of fashion. A multitude of designs from bomber to leather or denim, bold to blunt, they radiate masculinity, ensuring they are textbook, go to item to compliment your thick winter pants. Ideally, you would require your jacket to have some sort of insulation and waterproofing in order for it to be a top layer above a t shirt and over shirt, but even then, a raincoat or thicker parka can be thrown over, keeping you sheltered from the elements. An essential this winter.



Winter jumpers

Useful in any situation and a seamless layering item, a few warm winter jumpers can really up your style game. Various patterns, colours and textures can help break up colder, neutral colours whilst adding a new material to an outfit. Raw, yet simple designs work best with smarter attire to offer a cosy edge to a shrewder outfit, whilst a brighter, printed jumper can add contrast to a casual look. Crucially, a quality material is desired for longer usage as cheaper materials tend to lose colouring and fade rather quickly, (not to mention shrink in the wash). With an arsenal of designs from knitted to roll neck or just plain Jane, this winter essential is a super item of clothing to have in your wardrobe, for layering over shirts or throwing on underneath a blazer, keeping you comfortable this season.




Denim Jeans come into their own during colder seasons, especially those deigned for winter. Few know winter jeans actually exist, yet they come in all the styles and deigns you see in an everyday menswear shop, the only difference being they are lined with a thin layer of flannel or Sherpa. It still won’t protect you from the wet but it ensures your legs and privates are kept toasty warm. Nobody like blue balls. Even then just thickening up to a heavier denim is a very real alternative for those guys who want to keep that stylish look. Moreover, they are great for practical outfits, very hardwearing and everyone has a pair. Only the darker denim colours that have no rips in should make an appearance in winter, the whole objective is to stay warm people. Pair them up with a flannel jacket or thick parka and you’re onto an instant winner, no further thought needed.



Variety of accessories

Men with enough knowledge to appreciate the warm and stylish assets a hat, scarf and pair of gloves can provide are simply ahead of the game. By keeping your head warm, you can aid in retaining that extra 40-45% of your body heat that would otherwise be lost without one. Caps are only for hot sunny days, we would recommend a beanie or pom-pom hat, and Cotton, Cashmere or Wool offers the best type of insulation as far as materials go. Scarves benefit your outfit with patterns and designs whilst simultaneously keeping the neck and face warm and are easily adjusted for all occasions depending on a complex knot when tied or simple wrap around. Gloves are real handy in winter, keeping your mits warm yet allowing mobility and functionality. Dark neutral colours are favoured or alternatively matching your colours and patterns with other accessories.


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