New Stone Island ‘Ice Knit’ Sweater Changes Colour With Temperature

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Stone Island is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to producing its garments, particularly with the materials used. Once again they are continuing to surprise with the release of a new style of sweater that is heat sensitive – meaning it changes colour when exposed to the cold.

The garm in question is dubbed ‘Ice Knit’, which we have to say is a rather fitting name. Utilising a double knit construction, the sweater is extremely technical with how it achieves its unique aesthetic. The outer layer is made from thermal sensitive yarn, whilst the inner layer is pure wool.

The Stone Island ‘Ice Knit’ Sweaters will be available from September 11th, but only until September 13th, so you’ll have to be sure to act fast if you want to cop this unique top.


2 thoughts on “New Stone Island ‘Ice Knit’ Sweater Changes Colour With Temperature

    1. It’s sold out online now so you’d have to buy it off somebody else

      Try Facebook groups such as Stone Island Talk and The Basement

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