These adidas NMDs Cost How Much?!

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adidas have teamed up with another company once again, this time with Ryo Kashiwazaki’s Hender Scheme.

Boost goes out the window on this iteration, with Hender Scheme instilling a luxury midsole underfoot. The sneaks come rendered in a premium tanned leather, designed to age naturally over time. As a result, the shoes will offer a completely different aesthetic after frequent wear.

It has to be said, these are really striking shoes. There is a catch however – the price. As Hender Scheme is an extremely ‘high end’ brand, if you’re not used to that sort of market, the figure will really make your eyes water.

The adidas x Hender Scheme NMD R1 is available now from select retailers at a whopping £839, so if you have that sort of money, then these may be for you. Chances are these will hit the sales however, so keep an eye out if you’d rather chance it to save some cash.

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