Game Of Thrones Season 7 Full Plot Leaked

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You may have heard the news recently that hackers have reportedly hacked broadcaster HBO, and in doing so have obtained not only the script for episode 4 (and the rest of the season), but also some of the episodes themselves. Reports have also suggested that the entirety of the next episode is available to view online via the dark web, though it is unsure whether this version is the final cut or not.

However, our attention is turned towards a supposed script leak from last year, which sent fans into a frenzy regarding the then upcoming season 7. We’re now 3 episodes in and will be more than halfway through the entire season after the next episode airs, meaning we have good grounds to check the accuracy and legitimacy of the prior leaks.

It has to be said, they got all of the points spot on. So what can be inferred from this? Well – the leaks are in fact 100% accurate and outline the plot points for the remainder of the season. With that being said, spoilers follow so if you do not want to know what happens then do not read any further.


The plot leak describes that Arya will turn into a killing machine this season, with her first action being to wear the face of Walder Frey after executing him at the end of last season. After summoning his sons and ordering the women to leave, she raises a toast – which she has laced with poison, murdering them all. It also outlines that on her way to Winterfell she will meet with her dire-wolf Nymeria. As we have seen so far in the season, both of these points have already occurred.

They then go on to explain that after arriving at Winterfell in episode 4, Littlefinger tries to play Arya off against her sister, using the letter Sansa wrote to Robb under duress of the Lannisters. Sansa sees through him, with the help of Bran – and has him executed with Arya acting as executioner. This agrees with the images we have seen of Arya possessing Littlefinger’s Valyrian steel dagger, suggesting she plunders it from him after his death.

The general direction of the plot is towards an alliance between all the houses of Westeros in an attempt to defeat the Army of the Dead in a final battle to save the kingdom. This begins with Dany summoning John to Dragonstone, where she has returned to at last. She asks him to bend the knee, but he refuses. Eventually, with the help of Tyrion, he swears fealty in exchange her help in the war against the White Walkers.

We’ve seen these events unfold already, but what we haven’t seen is a storyline straight out of fan-fiction. They will remain together for most of the season and grow to admire each other. By the end of finale they will end up in bed together.

Speaking of Jon, the knowledge of his parentage also plays a large part this season – though he himself will not find out. The information will be pieced together by Bran, who saw his birth in a flashback, and Sam. In doing so, they will discover his true name is actually Aegon. Gilly meanwhile stumbles across the information that Rhaegar’s marriage was annulled, asking Sam about the annulment of a marriage from someone named ‘Ragger’ with him shrugging it off until later on in the season when he remembers. It is uncovered that he remarried Lyanna Stark, legitimizing Jon’s claim on the throne further. A flashback to that wedding will also be shown.

The leaks also point out the scenes we have already witnessed of Jorah at Oldtown, where he is cured of Greyscale by Sam after reading about it in a book. After leaving, he goes in search of Dany whom he will meet by episode 5.

Also included in the leaked scripts are the events whereby Euron intercepts Yara’s fleet, taking her prisoner while Theon narrowly escapes, as well as the murder of two of the Sand Snakes and capture of Ellaria. It also covers the other early victory of the Lannisters whereby they take High Garden after an easy defeat of the Martells and Tyrells. Here we also see Lady Olenna admit to Jaime she killed Joffrey, but not before Jaime allows her to take her own life by drinking poison.

We haven’t seen what follows these events on the big screen, but they do feature in the season 7 trailers. Dany ambushes part of the Lannister army – defeating them despite their possession of anti-dragon artillery, designed by Qyburn. All three dragons survive the battle (for now, but more on that later!).

Gendry will be making his long-awaited return where he will be reunited with Davos in King’s Landing. Tyrone and Davos sneak into King’s Landing, with the help of Bronn, to speak with Jaimie in private. After not receiving the response they wanted, Davos bumps into the smith, who has been working there for some time. They exchange a joke about Gentry ‘still rowing’, which pays homage to a Tweet the actor sent out some time ago.

Tyrion meanwhile begins to worry about Dany’s temperament, along with Varys, after she tells Drogon to burn some of Westeros’ lords – including Sam’s father Randyll (who allied with Cersei) – for refusing to kneel before her. The leak also acknowledged the previous encounter between Dany and Varys whereby she confronted The Spider regarding his loyalty to her.

Following on from Jon and Daenerys’ earlier encounter will be one of the most anticipated scenes of the entire show. In an episode that will delight fans worldwide; Cersei, Tyrion, Jon, Daenerys, Jorah, Varys, Missandei, Qyburn, Euron Greyjoy, The Mountain and The Hound (you know what that means) meeting together at the Dragon Pit in King’s landing, where Jon has brought an undead wight to prove the seven kingdoms need to unite against the Night’s King.


After seeing the wight, Euron asks whether or not they (the wights) can swim.  Jon confirms they cannot, and Euron then proceeds to flee back to Pyke.

Appalled by the situation, Cersei reluctantly agrees to help. However, when the time comes for her to send  her armies to fight the war in the north she reneges, in the hope that White Walkers and her opponents will thin each other out. Here, Jaime gives up on his sister, and rides north to join the fight.

Cersei also believes she is pregnant with Jaime’s child, though later in the season wakes up in a blood-soaked bed, with the implication that she miscarried.


Before this, in order to obtain the wight, Jon takes a team north of the wall that consists of Tormund Giantsbane, Beric Dondarrion, The Hound, Thoros of Myr and Jorah. Here they are attacked and surrounded on an island on a frozen lake by the Night’s King – as we have seen from the trailers. We will then witness Thoros being killed by a wight polar bear (meaning Beric is down to his last life). Jon Snow’s uncle Benjen AKA Coldhands will also be killed in protecting Jon, meaning presumably the horse we see Jon fleeing on in the earlier trailers belonged to his Uncle.

In what seems like an impossible situation, the group will be saved by Daenerys and her dragons – though this time not all of them will make it out unscathed. Viserion dies at the hand of the Night’s King and falls into the lake.

At the end of the episode he is reanimated, and we will see the Night’s King ride him as his mount, breathing blue fire and helping him to take down the wall. This occurs whilst Jon and Daenerys are in bed together. Seriously – this will be an awesome sight on screen.

What do you think of the plot leaks? Which events are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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