Porsche Collide With Huawei To Unveil Second Generation Smart Watch

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With the am of expanding its span beyond the realms of sports cars, manufacturer Porsche has recently delved into the depths of sneaker creation, as well as designing laptops and speakers. Prior to this however, the company unveiled a range of super sleek timepieces, with Porsche Design officially entering the smartwatch game – this time around in collaboration with Huawei.

Their second generation watch features the signature menacing black aesthetic throughout, hosting a PVD external casing, matching dermic bezel and luxe leather/rubber hybrid band, offering a blend of style and substance.

Inspired by a Porsche-style dashboard, the watch comes enable with an Android watch face which included GPS, NFC, a heart-rate sensor and 4GB of storage, among other features.

Elsewhere in similar news, G-SHOCK has unveiled a smartphone-connected super watch.

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