Smart Ring Takes Wearable Tech To The Next Level

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Origami Labs, a tech company based in Hong Kong, is taking the concept of wearable tech to the next level with the unveiling of the ORII Smart Ring. Yes, you heard that correct – a smart RING.

The product managed to exceed its crowdfunding target by almost $100,000 and there is still just under a month to go on the project. Taking inspiration from other concepts, such as wearable smart watches that we are now familiar with, the ring will offer similar functionality with an even lower form factor. Utilising bone conduction technology, the ring transmits sound directly through your finger up to your ear, allowing for both privacy and clarity within public spaces.

Whilst its up for debate as to whether or not this is really needed, it will certainly excite a few geeks out there. Do you think this sort of technology will catch on? Let us know.

In other news, Apple has announced the latest update to its watchOS software.


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