Latest iPhone 9 Rumour Is Great News For Rivals Samsung

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Whilst many are familiar with the Korean company for its smartphones, among other tech products, it is lesser known that they are a large supplier of many phone components that are often included in the devices of many of its rivals. So much so, that Samsung actually supplies Apple with various parts, such as the RAM used in the iPhone 7, and the OLED displays for the upcoming iPhone 8.

According to recent reports, Apple will also be working with Samsung to produce chips for the iPhone 9, in a huge deal that is designed to soften the financial blow of the Note 7 explosion disaster which has somewhat crippled Samsung recently.

Allegedly the deal was finalized last month at Apple’s headquarters after Samsung bought “advanced chip manufacturing equipment” that would be iPhone-exclusive.

The two company’s have worked together previously, but with Apple’s 2011 patent infringement against Samsung, the pair’s relationship became strained, although it seems like the Korean company has now earned back Apple’s trust.

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