Virgil Abloh Discusses Being An Outsider Within The Fashion Industry

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During his time in Florence, Virgil Abloh took the time to discuss a few matters in an interview with Sportswear International. Notably, he speak about his democratic approach towards fashion as well as his role in the industry being somewhat of an outsider.

“For me, Off-White is a creative studio, a recording system of time and culture, politics and art,” Virgil asserted when discussing his fashion label. “I didn’t understand the fashion industry when I was younger, so I wanted to start a brand that is more democratic than other high fashion labels and only made for the young consumer.”

The fashion mogul then went on to add: “With Off-White, I want to reach the generation of the millennials. They have different needs and different cultural codes: They wear a T-shirt or a hoodie like a formal shirt or jacket. So my approach is marked by a conceptual and deconstructive attitude, questioning the conventions of the industry and refusing to take the traditions of tailoring and construction for granted.”

He later noted: “I wanted to implement my subculture in high fashion. This idea gave me the motivation to make the concept for Off-White. And to be honest: Three years ago, no one could tell, if street fashion would last or not.”

You can read the full interview here.

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