Sergio Ramos Reveals How He Begins His Day

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Sergio Ramos is known for a lot things, from his magnetic tendency towards picking up red cards to his magnificent tattoos. Whether you love him or hate him, in today’s game of choreographed football where a simple flick is enough for a player to go down, we should be appreciating the dying breed of tough tacklers like our Sergio.

Whether you’ve been wondering it or not, which let’s face it you probably haven’t, we’ve compiled a list of Sergio Ramos’ habits and routines, as according to his recent Instagram posts and an interview with fellow magazine Highsnobiety.

Ramos revealed “Immediately after waking up I take a shower while listening to some music to get moving,” – nice, we wonder what he listens to. He the went on to add: “I say goodbye to my family and drive to Real Madrid City (the team’s main training hub) in Valdebebas, where I usually have breakfast.”

For those of you wondering what this breakfast entails, you’re thinking too quickly: “I usually take a coffee, some whole-grain bread with protein like turkey breast or a poached egg, and a piece of fruit,” the Spaniard explained. “It’s a nutritious, balanced breakfast. If we don’t have a training session with the team, I take something a bit lighter.”

Nada de lo que merece la pena es fácil. ¡Trabajo! / Nothing worth having comes easy. Hard work! 💪💪💪

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When Sergio isn’t training with the rest of the squad, he takes time out of his day at home to complete a series of workouts to keep his body in tip-top shape:  “My training routines at home are usually focused on functional (that’s exercises targeting core strength and muscle groups, to you and me) and isometric (exercises where your muscles tense up but don’t move) exercises, always ending with some cardio work.”

“All these routines I do at home are supervised by the club’s medical staff,” he says. “They focus on complementing the training on the pitch, as well as improving muscle tone and everyday movement.”

“Music is very important for me, it’s my way of living. It helps to motivate me, to change my mood, and helps me forget about things when I’m not playing.” Sadly he didn’t describe what he listens to but you can imagine what you like. Go nuts.

When asked about his favourite sneakers: “They’re all Nike, I collect limited edition pairs from both Nike and Jordan, I find them awesome, I have so many of them at home.” That’s probably because he is sponsored by them, but we can’t blame him.

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