How To: Find The Perfect Training Shoe (According To Nike)

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If you’re a bit of a noob when it comes to working out then you’ll probably struggle to differentiate between a running shoe and a training shoe – but don’t fret, head of men’s training footwear at Nike, Mr. Greg Smith, is on hand to set you on the correct path.

“We tend to see most people buying running shoes out of habit and to be their overall workout shoe when they run once or twice a week — but they’re spending much more time in the gym,” he explains. “It should be the other way around.”

Essentially the difference comes down to how your feet are moving whilst you’re working out. Running is a linear motion, therefore running shoes are designed to support linear movements. This is usually achieved through utilisation of a light upper as well as underfoot cushioning and of course, a durable outsole. An example would be the highly popular Flyknit Racer.

General training on the other hand is not as linear as running. As a result, you’re going to need a shoe that will support you throughout everything – from lifting weights, climbing, or pedalling.

Nick goes on to explain that for pretty much all workouts, in particular weight training, stability is the key. This means you can focus more on your muscles doing the work as opposed to ensuring you stay upright and don’t fall over. You’d look like a bit of a twat if that happened so I’d say it’s a fair point.

On the other hand, for more aerobic exercises, all over cushioning ensures that your feet will remain comfortable and pain free throughout the entirety of the workout.

Taking all of this into account, according to Nick, to find the perfect training shoe you need to find one that offers stability, durability and all-over cushioning. Makes sense eh.


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